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[edit] Strategy

  • If you want to earn credits (see Currency)at low level and not use time to TinyDeathStar, buy level and select Service Level or Recreation level. Select Bounty Hunters, Imperial Court or Rancor Pit and pay credit with Imperial Bux (see Currency). Use VIPs Upgrader to that one of three level, and you can earn credits a little easier.
  • It may be easier to find bitizens if you use the "Dress" option, for example always dress bitizens in one store with the same costume.
  • After version 1.4, the only way to get an Imperial Bux reward for giving a bitizen their Dream Job is when the total skill for that store increases. Example: If your store has 2x skill 9 and 1x skill 8, you will only get the reward if you switch the skill 8 worker to a skill 9 worker with the dream job; you will no longer get the reward by removing one, and putting in any new bitizen with the dream job. Knowing this, a good tactic for getting the reward is to always keep a skill 0 bitizen on each level. This way, a new bitizen with a skill from 1 to 9 with that same dream job can be employed simply for the reward. After getting the reward, replace them with the skill 0 bitizen so you're ready for the next new bitizen.
  • You will STILL get the reward if you switch the skill to a lower level, and then higher again. Example: your store has 3x skill 9 workers, you change one to a skill 4, then again to a skill 5. So you may want to keep track of your bitizens to get two of them with the same job, and put them in lowest-first, before evicting them.
  • From a credit earning perspective, it is advantageous to deliver the Big Spender VIPs to a level with only the 3-credit item stocked, forcing them to purchase that item. The most credits can be earned by delivering this VIP to a level freshly stocked with the 3-credit item and a large number of units. Conversely, from a time saving perspective, use Big Spender on a level where all 3 items are stocked. Do this when you're planning to be logged out for an extended period as it allows you to begin the restock process on an already fully stocked level. Obviously, this tactic is best used on levels that take a long time to restock.
  • If you have at least 10,000 credits, go to the store, then go to the specials and buy a lot of the ??? packages, and go to the Cargo Bay. You will earn back some or all of your credits (sometimes you will get a lot more than you started with),but you will also get lots of other good supplies, like costumes, Imperial Supplies, and Imperial Bux.

[edit] Tip

  • If your iOS language is not English and you experience app crashes, change your OS language to English in Settings -> General -> International. iOS will restart in English and the app should be more stable.

[edit] Bugs

  • Some bitizens move in to an apartment but no warning is given at patch 1.4.0
  • Scene activate, start find bitizen, and scene cancelled, will cancel find bitizen too.
  • On the Android platform, bitizen's Retail skill levels only come in even numbers. You can never find a level 9 Retail skill bitizen.
  • On Version 1.4.2 the character icons for most of the Limited Edition and Galactic Registry characters show the wrong picture. This may be a result of Besalisk being removed from the game.