Service to the Empire

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The Emperor demands that subsystem fortification effort begin immediately! All resource assembly efforts will be recognized.

More Imperial resources are required for the Tiny Death Star to reach its full potential. The Emperor created a program in which the player receives Imperial Service Medals for creating Imperial resources. Earn enough medals and the player receives a reward. This event ran from 2014/2/7 through 2014/2/13.


  1. 100 medals earns a Costume (Rebel Pilot)
  2. Another 250 medals earns a Level Upgrader
  3. Another 500 medals earns a Recruiting Officer
  4. Another 975 medals earns 10 Imperial Bux
  5. Another 1200 medals earns three limited edition droids R2-Q5, R4-I9, and R5-J2
  6. Another 1725 medals earns the Imperial Marches level

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