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[edit] Images

Mos Espa Cafe.png
All level images should be 512px x 224px. The level should be stocked and have no employees or customers when screenshots are taken. If your image doesn't match all these desires, add {{Incomplete}}.

The name of the level file should match the level exactly, including spaces and punctuation or lack thereof. All words in the title should be capitalized, with lowercase .png extension. Examples:

  • Mos Espa Cafe.png
  • Workout Center.png
  • Toydarian Toys.png

[edit] Add a Level

All commercial levels are represented in four places on the wiki, and all residential levels in two.

[edit] Full Page

This page is only for commercial levels, and is made from at least two templates strung together. Do not make residential levels with this template.

To use this, grab the following code. There are three parts to it — make sure you get all of them in one go. At the beginning of the second template, you'll see Level/???. Replace the "???" with either "Food", "Service", "Recreation", "Retail" or "Creative".

The description is a short paragraph (3–5 sentences) of flavor text., starting with "The ___ is..." Try to describe the location, furnishings and feel of the place, rather than the stock.

The items, stock, cost, time and profit flesh out the table.

  • Item is the item name, in Title Case.
  • Stock is the base quantity, without Bitizen bonuses.
  • Cost is the base price, without Bitizen discounts. Double check your numbers, particularly if your result isn't a multiple of five. There aren't many levels that break that generalization.
  • Hour is the hour count of the stocking time.
  • Min is the minute count of the stocking time.

Additional templates may be necessary:

  • If there is a VIP recommendation, include {{Big Spender}} or {{Celebrity}} at the end.
  • If there is a stocking achievement associated with the level, add {{ Stocking Achievement | name=ACHIEVEMENT NAME | other=OTHER FLOOR }} as part of the description.
  • If the level is a parody, use the line "The _____ is likely a {{parody}} of _____." The parody template will add the category.
  • If the level was suggested in the Tiny Tower Wiki: Level Wish List, add {{ Suggested }}.
  • If it was added in a specific version of the game, add {{ Added In | version=VERSION }}.
  • To qualify as a complete page, the level must have both a description and a fully filled out stock table. If either of these are absent or unfinished, top the page with: {{Template:Incomplete}}
| description=
| item1=
| item2=
| item3=

<div style="margin-right:539px"><onlyinclude>
| item1=
| stock1=
| cost1=
| hour1=
| min1=
| item2=
| stock2=
| cost2=
| hour2=
| min2=
| item3=
| stock3=
| cost3=
| hour3=
| min3=
| coins

{{Level Box}}

[edit] Summary Page

Commercial levels should be added to the page of their category: Food, Service, Recreation, or Retail by way of a simple template line.

[edit] Image List

Commercial levels should be listed on Levels and residential levels on Residential Levels by way of an image.

[edit] Level Box

Commercial and residential levels alike are represented in the Template:Level Box.