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Details Screen showing additional Comlinks must be assembled to complete the assignment
See also: Cargo Bay

The Assignments level is a special Imperial Level placed three levels below the Arrivals. From here various Imperial agents ask you to build resources on the Imperial Levels to be turned in for rewards. Neither Bitizens nor VIPs can exit the elevator on this floor.

The assignments are represented by floating holograms of the Imperial requesters, in a few colors:

Blue: new assignment
Yellow: incomplete assignment. Build more resources.
Green: assignment complete! Claim your reward.

Selecting the level brings up a details screen with information about the current assignments, including resource counts and requirements, the reward for completing the assignment, cost to skip the assignment, and a button to bring up the assignment dialogue. Each of the requesters gets a tab across the top.

Assignment rewards include Credits, Imperial Bux, VIPs and costumes.

New players get one requester after they have built their first Imperial Level. The second appears when they have 20 total levels, and the third at 30 levels.


[edit] Assignment Requesters

[edit] Lord Vader

Sith Demands

  • "I'm taking the Emperor to his origami class tonight. I expect these resources to be assembled by the time we get back."
"Good work. By the way, the class was canceled. Unfortunately, the origami school folded."
  • "If you're looking to avoid a force choke, I'd suggest you take care of this assignment ASAP."
"Very well, you've completed the assignment. How about just a little force choke for old time's sake?"
  • "I'm a little behind on this assignment, so i'm giving it to you...Why are you behind on this assignment?!
"Excellent job! High five! Just kidding... I'm a holo-projection, dummy."
  • "Make me tell you to complete this assignment again, and meet the business end of my lightsaber!"
"You've exceeded expectations and avoided a slow, painful death. This time..."

[edit] Imperial Worker

Work Order

  • "I've got a pile of work orders over here, and they aren't getting filled on their own, pal."
"What? You finish one assignment and you want a promotion already? Darn millenials..."
  • "All work and no play makes me... an Imperial Worker I suppose."
"Just complete another 10,000 assignments and you can rank up to be an Imperial Worker, like me!"
  • "If I'm ever going to make it on this fishing trip to Naboo, I've got to get this work order filled!"
"Give a bitizen a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he'll sit around and drink beer all day."
  • "Once this assignment's complete, I'm totally going to treat myself to a nice Rodian massage.
"Thanks for finishing the job! Now that i think about it, Rodians have scaly hands...maybe I'll skip the massage."

[edit] Imperial Engineer

Systems Upgrade

  • "We must increase power to the sublight engines if we're going to find the rebel base. Here's my list of parts."
"Okay, now I've got all these parts... where did I put that 'sublight engines for dummies' book?"
  • "Superlaser upgrades are about to begin. Please provide us with the necessary resorces."
"You really did a super job getting the resources together for the superlaser. Just super. Really."
  • "Officers are complaining about internal temperatures. I suggest we install more thermal exhaust ports, stat!"
"Hmmm. The plans say these thermal exhausts should be in the size of a mouse, but I'm thinking womp rat sized is better."
  • "Lord Vader is totally breathing down my neck about this systems upgrade. Help a brother out?"
"Whew! You, like, totally saved my skin, dude. Don't tell Vader I talk like this when he's not around."

[edit] Imperial Advisor

Emperor's Edict

  • "We're worried the Emperor will betray us, so we'd like to request a secret stash of our own resources."
"Much appreciated. Now to find a place to hide all this stuff."
  • "The Emperor has formally requested supplies for his weekly high-stakes sabacc night. Don't tell Vader...he's not invited."
"Excellent! I'm off to win all the Emperor's credits in sabaac. He glows when he's bluffing."
  • "Assemble a bunch of random stuff, on the double! The Imperial Advisor has spoken. Shhhhhh."
"This isn't the stuff I asked for at all! No refunds?! You've got to be kidding me.."
  • "This battle station isn't going to become the ultimate power in the universe on its own!"
"Wonderful. The Death Star is now the tinest bit more powerful."

[edit] Imperial Combat Engineer

Military Requisition

  • "Our defense grid is in need of an upgrade. Rebel spies keep getting caught in the exhaust fans."
"It's about time! I've been cleaning Rebel spy pieces out of the defense grid all morning."
  • "Hey, I'm here to replace the last guy that Vader force choked. Let's get this assignment done. No rush, though."
"I didn't think you could force choke a holo-projection, but boy is my holo-throat sore.
  • "Man, how many approvals do I need for this weapons requisition? What a bureaucracy!"
"I'm not sure this is the proper paperwork. Did you get the memo?"
  • "I accidentally dropped a shipment of blasters into the main reactor. Is that bad?"
"Whew! We lucked out on this one. The Jawa that tried to recover the blasters wasn't so fortunate."

[edit] Imperial Tech

Technical Spec

  • "Whoever designed these particle accelerator tubes should be fired. I'm speccing out a complete redesign."
"Good work. Now I need to go deal with that exhaust port guy."
  • "Someone apparently used sentience programming on these systems, because they won't stop whining."
"Great! I'll just go ahead and add these to the pile of resources I'm collecting in my closet."
  • "These annoying Imperial Advisors keep changing their minds, now I've got to start all over. Oh well, here's the assignment."
"My mistake. The Imperial Advisors didn't change their minds. Lord Vader changed it for them."
  • "We just need a few more resources and the hyperdrive shoud just work."
"Turns out a Wookiee killed our hyperdrive... It was jammed with fur."

[edit] Assignment examples

Reward: 97,944 Credit.png (16,324 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 75,978 Credit.png
Reward: 120,000 Credit.png (46,010 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 79,302 Credit.png (13,362 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 97,176 Credit.png (16,326 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 15 Bux.png
Reward: 80,000 Credit.png (28,635 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 117,054 Credit.png (19,509 Credit.png profit)
Reward: Recruitment Officers
Reward: 10x AT-AT Commander AT-AT Commander.pngcostume
Reward: 98,574 Credit.png
Reward: 10 Bux.png
Reward: 48,510 Credit.png
Reward: 4x Worker Ugnaught.png
Reward: 101,418 Credit.png (16,903 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 71,778 Credit.png (11,963 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 45,888Credit.png (6,028Credit.png profit)
Reward: 4x Worker Ugnaught.png
Reward: 74,124Credit.png
Reward: 200,000 Credit.png
Reward: 42,432 Credit.png (7,072 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 20 Bux.png
Reward: 45,888 Credit.png
Reward: 45,576 Credit.png
Reward: 10 Bux.png
Reward: 40,104 Credit.png . (6684 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 120,000 Credit.png
Reward: 150,000 Credit.png
Reward: 20 Bux.png
Reward: 60,000 Credit.png
Reward: 47,226 Credit.png
Reward: 43,608 Credit.png
Reward: 45,576 Credit.png (7596 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 49,908 Credit.png
Reward: Big Spenders.
Reward: 42,780 Credit.png
Reward: 92,700 Credit.png
Reward: 10 Bux.png
Reward: 70,000 Credit.png
Reward: 44,820 Credit.png (7120 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 150,000 Credit.png (59,200 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 104,862 Credit.png (17,652 Credit.png profit)
Reward: 68,400 Credit.png
Reward: 48,846 Credit.png
Reward: Credit.png
Reward: 65,000 Credit.png
Reward: 45,864 Credit.png
Reward: 44,820 Credit.png

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