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VIPs randomly appear at the Tiny Death Star and can perform an action for free that would otherwise cost Imperial Bux. Events have temporarily introduced VIPs that perform a special limited time action not otherwise available in the game.

Up to five VIPs can be saved on the Arrivals level. If the Arrivals level is full, and another VIP appears, they must be used immediately.

[edit] Current VIPs

  • Chiss.png Big Spender - Randomly buys one of the items stocked at a Commercial Level. Their appearance is that of a Chiss with lighter blue skin. From a credit earning perspective, it is advantageous to deliver the Big Spender to a level with only the 3-credit item stocked, forcing them to purchase that item. The most credits can be earned by delivering this VIP to a level freshly stocked with the 3-credit item and a large number of units. Conversely, from a time saving perspective, use Big Spender on a level where all 3 items are stocked. Do this when you're planning to be logged out for an extended period as it allows you to begin the restock process on an already fully stocked level. Obviously, this tactic is best used on levels that take a long time to restock.
  • Celebrity - Temporarily increases the customer flow when delivered to a Commercial Level. At first all Bitizens purchase all three items for up to 6 credits each. After which the customer flow remains high but each Bitizen buys one item. Make sure the level is fully stocked with enough remaining units to survive the Celebrity encounter. Their appearance is that of a female human with long blonde hair and large orange glasses.
  • Pit Droid.png Mover - Will move any level, including Imperial Levels for free. Cannot move Arrivals, Cargo Bay, or Assignments levels. All Imperial levels must remain below the Assignments level. All other levels must remain above the Arrivals level. In other words, Imperial levels cannot be mixed with other level types and vice versa. Their appearance is that of a Pit Droid
  • Recruiting Officer - Places new Bitizens in vacant apartments on one of the Residential Levels. To get the most out of this VIP, take her to the Residential Level with the most vacancies. Their appearance is that of a male human with brown hair, glasses, communication antenna, and wearing a black suit.
  • Supply Officer - Finishes the assembly of any Imperial Item. Their appearance is that of a male human with a yellow hardhat, dark glasses, and carrying a clipboard.
  • Geonosian.png Upgrader - Upgrades any Commercial Level one rank. Best used in high value levels to obtain the largest increase in units per order. Their appearance is that of a Geonosian

[edit] Event VIPs

  • Decorator Droids - These VIP droids appeared during the Decoration Event. Once delivered to a Commercial or Imperial level the droid would decorate the level with Christmas lights. They would even decorate the Arrivals level. Awards could be earned for decorating multiple levels. The Decorator Droids and decorations disappeared at the end of the event. They look like the Imperial probe droid that landed on Hoth and was destroyed by Han Solo and Chewbacca.

[edit] Retired VIPs

  • Supply Officer - Prior to version 1.3.0 Supply Officers were required to start assembly of Imperial items. Their appearance was that of a male human with an orange hardhat, beard, and carrying a package.
  • Ugnaught.pngWorker - These VIPs would take three hours off any task including level building, item ordering, and Imperial item assembly. Since version 1.3.0 they have only been seen as event rewards. Their appearance is that of an Ugnaught