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Salvage Droids while the Bronze Salvage Droid is active.

Scan for suspected rebel activity by sending out Salvage Droids and salvage cargo. This event is controlled through the Salvage Droids Imperial level, located between the Cargo Bay and Assignments levels. Different droids cost differing amounts of Imperial Bux. The more Imperial Bux spent, the better chance of the droid returning with rare cargo.

The opening announcement.

The droid's progress is tracked and displayed as heading towards, scouting, and returning from the destination. This takes less than a minute. The cargo returned by the droid is placed in the Cargo Bay. A rescan changes the droid destinations and happens every 12 hours, or can be initiated for five Imperial Bux.

Inviting Facebook friends will increase the cargo returned by the daily Free Droid.

This event started 1 March 2014, with a banner declaring suspect Wookie rebel activity near Kashyyyk and scans should be conducted for the next three days. This event has far exceeded its initial three day timeline and appears to have become a permanent fixture of the game.


Salvage Droids

  • Bronze Salvage Droid - This low end Salvage Droid is available for free once every 24 hours. Further instances start at 5 Imperial Bux, and increase 1 Bux for each additional droid sent out. The cost is reset to 5 Bux when the free droid is used. This droid has a small "Chance for rare" salvage.
  • Silver Salvage Droid - This mid level Salvage Droid costs fifteen Imperial Bux and has a "Good chance for rare" salvage.
  • Gold Salvage Droid - The high end of Salvage Droids, it costs 25 Imperial Bux to launch. This droid has the "Best chance for rare" salvage.


Asteroid Field Csilla Debris Field

Endor Kashyyyk Shipwreck


Rewards received include Credits, Imperial Bux, costumes, Imperial Level items, VIPs, and Galactic Registry: Series 1 Bitizens.

A sampling:

Droid Destination Rarity Reward
Bronze (free) Asteroid field Common Barrel Replacement x2
Bronze (free) Kashyyyk Common 1,000 Credits
Bronze (free) Kashyyyk Common Air Scrubbers x10
Bronze (free) Endor Common Worker
Bronze Endor Common 1,000 Credits
Bronze Endor Common 1,200 Credits
Bronze Endor Common 2,000 Credits
Bronze Endor Common Blaster Scope x5
Bronze Endor Common Level Mover
Bronze Endor Common Recruiting Officer
Bronze Kashyyyk Common Probe Droid x5
Bronze Shipwreck Common 2,400 credits
Bronze Shipwreck Common Blaster Scope x5
Bronze Shipwreck Common Hull Armor x5
Bronze Shipwreck Common Power Coupling x5
Bronze Shipwreck Common Probe Droid x5
Bronze Shipwreck Common Big Spender
Silver Asteroid field Common System Scan x15
Silver Kashyyyk Common Heavy Shields x10
Silver Csilla Common 10,000 Credits
Silver Csilla Common Probe Droid x15
Silver Shipwreck Common Security Force x10
Silver Shipwreck Common Life Support System x15
Silver Shipwreck Common 17,000 Credits
Gold Asteroid field Common 7 Imperial Bux
Gold Kashyyyk Common Big Spender
Gold Kashyyyk Common Blaster Scope x20
Gold Kashyyyk Common Tarfful
Gold Kashyyyk Common Recruiting Officer
Gold Shipwreck Common Hull Armor x20


If cargo reward is overlapped and maybe it'll give bux.

This is bronze reward.

Screen Shots

The tutorial screens offered on first viewing.
Tutorial screen Tutorial screen Tutorial screen

A typical selection, just after rescanning.

A typical reward from a returned droid, opened in the Cargo Bay.
A typical reward.