Residential Levels

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See also: Commercial Levels

Residential floors house up to five Bitizens each. Nothing is sold, but each tenant pays 100 credits each day at midnight as rent.

Though they all fulfill the same function without variation, the look of each residence can be wildly different.

The Residential level type is denoted by white.


  • Up through version 1.2 there were 24 residentail floors, for a maximum of 120 Bitizens aboard the Death Star.
  • Version 1.3 has been steadily adding new levels. By the end of Feb 2014 there were 29 purchasable residences (with 3 more listed, but locked).
  • Version 1.4.2 has increased the number of residential levels to 55, for a maximum of 275 bitizens.

Gallery of Apartments

Please keep levels in alphabetical order!

Abafar Apts.png
Abafar Apts
Alderaan Apts.png
Alderaan Apts
Aleen Apts.png
Aleen Apts
Balnab Apts.png
Balnab Apts
Bespin Apts.png
Bespin Apts
Besalisk Apts.png
Besalisk Apts
Bith Apts.png
Bith Apts
Bothan Apts.png
Bothan Apts
Carlac Apts.png
Carlac Apts
Chiss Apts.png
Chiss Apts
Christophsis Apts.png
Christophsis Apts
Csilla Apts.png
Csilla Apts
Coruscant Apts.png
Coruscant Apts
Dagobah Apts.png
Dagobah Apts
Dathomir Apts.png
Dathomir Apts
Duros Apts.png
Duros Apts
Endor Apts.png
Endor Apts
Endor Arms.png
Endor Arms
Felucia Apts.png
Felucia Apts
Florrum Apts.png
Florrum Apts
Gamorrean Apts.png
Gamorrean Apts
Geonosis Apts.png
Geonosis Apts
Gran Apts.png
Gran Apts
Hoth Apts.png
Hoth Apts
Kadavo Apts.png
Kadavo Apts
Kamino Apts.png
Kamino Apts
Kashyyyk Apts.png
Kashyyyk Apts
Kiros Apts.png
Kiros Apts
Lotho Minor Apts.png
Lotho Minor Apts
Mandalore Apts.png
Mandalore Apts
Mon Cala Apts.png
Mon Cala Apts
Mustafar Apts.png
Mustafar Apts
Nal Hutta Apts.png
Nal Hutta Apts
Naboo Apts.png
Naboo Apts
Nautolan Apts.png
Nautolan Apts
Onderon Apts.png
Onderon Apts
Quarzite Apts.png
Quarzite Apts
Raydonia Apts.png
Raydonia Apts
Rodian Apts.png
Rodian Apts
Rugosa Apts.png
Rugosa Apts
Ryloth Apts.png
Ryloth Apts
Saleucami Apts.png
Saleucami Apts
Serenno Apts.png
Serenno Apts
Snivvian Apts.png
Snivvian Apts
Talz Apts.png
Talz Apts
Tatooine Apts.png
Tatooine Apts
Teth Apts.png
Teth Apts
Togruta Apts.png
Togruta Apts
Twilek Apts.png
Twilek Apts
Ugnaught Apts.png
Ugnaught Apts
Utapau Apts.png
Utapau Apts
Wookie Arms.png
Wookie Arms
Yavin Apts.png
Yavin Apts
Zanbar Apts.png
Zanbar Apts
Zygerria Apts.png
Zygerria Apts

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