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See also: Residential Levels and Imperial Levels

The primary source of credits in Tiny Death Star is from the sale of items in the commercial levels. The levels vary wildly in the types of products and services offered, spanning the categories Food, Service, Recreation, and Retail catering to both rich and poor Bitizens.

Each establishment sells 1-credit, 2-credit and 3-credit items and stocks these items in a varying number of units, requiring 1 minute per 10 units to order. This creates a spectrum of high value to low value levels. Most of the Food Levels are low value levels because they stock few units, which sell out quickly, and require constant attention to keep stocked. Very high value levels, like Imperial Court and Bounty Hunters, are Service levels. An order at one of these levels is for a large number of units and takes a long time to fulfill. However, once stocked they stay open for long periods of time. All level categories have a mix of both low and high value levels.

Players can order one item at a time from each level. An item can be ordered when it is out of stock. When the order is ready the player must click the level to stock the item. The sale of units for credits happens over time and is automatic.

A level can be improved in three ways

  • Upgrade the level rank. This can be accomplished using Imperial Bux or an Upgrader VIP. Every time a level is upgraded, the amount of stock generated per order is increased by 10% of the base units for the level, without increasing the time to order. For example consider a level of rank 1 with units of 10, 100, and 1000 per stocking for 1-coin, 2-coin, and 3-coin items. Upgrading the level to rank 2 will increase the units per stocking by 10% to 11, 110, and 1100. Increasing the level again, to rank 3, will upgrade the units per stocking another 10% of the base unit levels, resulting in 12, 120, and 1200 units per stocking.
  • Hire Dream Job Bitizens When hiring Bitizens for a level choose Bitizens whose dream job matches the level. For the same amount of time, Bitizens in the their dream job order twice the units of a normal Bitizen. As a bonus, giving a Bitizen their dream job earns the player an Imperial Bux.
  • Hire highly skilled Bitizens Every Bitizen has a skill rating for each category of level. When hiring Bitizens for a level choose Bitizens with higher skills over Bitizens with lower skills. The time to order all items is reduced by a percentage equal to the sum of the skill points for all Bitizen employees. There is a minimum of 1 minute to order. But, if given a choice between a Bitizen whose dream job matches the level with a low skill and a normal Bitizen with a high skill, hire the Bitizen whose dream job matches the level.


Each level built increases the number of credits required to build the next level. Below are some some examples of costs to build the next level

from Level 2 - 100 Credits
from Level 3 - 200 Credits
from Level 4 - 500 Credits
from Level 10 - 9,600 Credits (needs confirmation)
from Level 30 - 117,600 Credits
from Level 50 - 345,600 Credits
from Level 70 - 693,600 Credits
from Level 90 - 1,161,600 Credits
from Level 100 - 1,440,600 Credits

Level additions

See Version History for full details.

The original game version included 10 of each commercial level, 24 residential levels, and 16 Imperial levels, for 80 levels total.

Version 1.2 was originally supposed to include 5 new levels: the BBQ Place, Recycling, Rock Climbing, Auto Dealer and Floral Studio. However, these were cancelled before release in favour of better-themed levels.

The Decoration Event offered the first reward level, Panna City Medicines.

As of version 1.3 new floors are being added each week:

2014/02/03 - Bongo Sandwiches and Geonosis Apts added. Service to the Empire event starts, offering Imperial Marches as its final reward.

2014/02/10 - Planetarium, Chiss Apts, Mustafar Apts, Talz Apts, Blaster Repair added.

2014/02/17 - Trooper Barracks added.

2014/02/20 - Med Bay, Cloth Fabricator added.

2014/02/23 - Chiss HSP, Endor Adventure, Kashyyyk Shack, Endor Arms, Csilla Apts and Wookie Arms floors added but locked.

2014/02/24 - Holofilm Rental, Twilek Apts, Life Support, Shuttle Bay added, plus another locked level, the Overbridge. The six levels revealed the previous week remain locked.

2014/03/01 - Chiss HSP, Wookie Arms and Endor Arms made available as rare rewards from the new Salvage Droid. Four other levels still locked.

2014/03/03 - Dex's Diner, Bacta Tanks, Bith Apts added.

2014/03/14 - 36 new levels added! - Food: Bantha Burger, Huttza Parlor, Star Smoothies - Service: Nightsister's, Teras Kasi Dojo - Recreation: Puttie Course, Galaxies Opera, Holonet Cafe - Retail: Holocron Library, Holocomic Shop, Swoop Shop, Hiwalker Shoes, Slicer Datapads, Speeder Dealer - Residential: Balnab Apts, Kadavo Apts, Hoth Apts, Duros Apts, Mandalore Apts, Lotho Minor Apts, Bespin Apts, Yavin Apts, Onderon Apts, Quarzite Apts, Ryloth Apts, Rodian Apts, Naboo Apts, Nautolan Apts, Alderaan Apts, Togruta Apts, Besalisk Apts, Bothan Apts, Kamino Apts, Florrum Apts, Gran Apts, Ugnaught Apts

Gallery of Commercial Levels

Please keep levels in alphabetical order!
Bacta Tanks.png
Bacta Tanks
Bantha Burger.png
Bantha Burger
Bongo Sandwiches.png
Bongo Sandwiches
Bounty Hunters.png
Bounty Hunters
Cloth Fabricator.png
Cloth Fabricator
Cloud City Spa.png
Cloud City Spa
Dark Side Cave.png
Dark Side Cave
Dewback Ribs.png
Dewback Ribs
Dex's Diner.png
Dex's Diner
Droid Store.png
Droid Store
Duct Repair.png
Duct Repair
Ewok Sweets.png
Ewok Sweets
Galactic Music.png
Galactic Music
Galaxies Opera.png
Galaxies Opera
Geonosian Grub.png
Geonosian Grub
Hiwalker Shoes.png
Hiwalker Shoes
Holochess Hall.png
Holochess Hall
Holocomic Shop.png
Holocomic Shop
Holocron Library.png
Holocron Library
Holofilm Rental.png
Holofilm Rental
Holonet Cafe.png
Holonet Cafe
Holonet Cineplex.png
Holonet Cineplex
Huttza Parlor.png
Huttza Parlor
Imperial Court.png
Imperial Court
Imperial Grocer.png
Imperial Grocer
Imperial Marches.png
Imperial Marches
Imperial Museum.png
Imperial Museum
Ithorian Food.png
Ithorian Food
Jedi Jump Up.png
Jedi Jump Up
Lightsaber Craft.png
Lightsaber Craft
Livestock Exc.png
Livestock Exc
Marriage Room.png
Marriage Room
Med Bay.png
Med Bay
Melahnese Food.png
Melahnese Food
Millennium Expr.png
Millennium Expr
Mon Cala Aquarium.png
Mon Cala Aquarium
Mon Cala Seafood.png
Mon Cala Seafood
Mos Espa Cafe.png
Mos Espa Cafe
Neimoidian Food.png
Neimoidian Food
Panna City Medicines.png
Panna City Medicines
Pet Emporium.png
Pet Emporium
Puttie Course.png
Puttie Course
Rancor Pit.png
Rancor Pit
Rebo's Karaoke.png
Rebo's Karaoke
Scoop Of Hoth.png
Scoop Of Hoth
Slicer Datapads.png
Slicer Datapads
Snowspeeder Shop.png
Snowspeeder Shop
Speeder Dealer.png
Speeder Dealer
Star Smoothies.png
Star Smoothies
Statuary Park.png
Statuary Park
Swoop Shop.png
Swoop Shop
Teras Kasi Dojo.png
Teras Kasi Dojo
The Cantina.png
The Cantina
Toydarian Toys.png
Toydarian Toys
Training Remotes.png
Training Remotes
Trash Compactor.png
Trash Compactor
Watto's Wares.png
Watto's Wares
Workout Center.png
Workout Center
Youngling Hall.png
Youngling Hall

Gallery of Residential Levels

Abafar Apts.png
Abafar Apts
Alderaan Apts.png
Alderaan Apts
Aleen Apts.png
Aleen Apts
Balnab Apts.png
Balnab Apts
Bespin Apts.png
Bespin Apts
Besalisk Apts.png
Besalisk Apts
Bith Apts.png
Bith Apts
Bothan Apts.png
Bothan Apts
Carlac Apts.png
Carlac Apts
Chiss Apts.png
Chiss Apts
Christophsis Apts.png
Christophsis Apts
Csilla Apts.png
Csilla Apts
Coruscant Apts.png
Coruscant Apts
Dagobah Apts.png
Dagobah Apts
Dathomir Apts.png
Dathomir Apts
Duros Apts.png
Duros Apts
Endor Apts.png
Endor Apts
Endor Arms.png
Endor Arms
Felucia Apts.png
Felucia Apts
Florrum Apts.png
Florrum Apts
Gamorrean Apts.png
Gamorrean Apts
Geonosis Apts.png
Geonosis Apts
Gran Apts.png
Gran Apts
Hoth Apts.png
Hoth Apts
Kadavo Apts.png
Kadavo Apts
Kamino Apts.png
Kamino Apts
Kashyyyk Apts.png
Kashyyyk Apts
Kiros Apts.png
Kiros Apts
Lotho Minor Apts.png
Lotho Minor Apts
Mandalore Apts.png
Mandalore Apts
Mon Cala Apts.png
Mon Cala Apts
Mustafar Apts.png
Mustafar Apts
Nal Hutta Apts.png
Nal Hutta Apts
Naboo Apts.png
Naboo Apts
Nautolan Apts.png
Nautolan Apts
Onderon Apts.png
Onderon Apts
Quarzite Apts.png
Quarzite Apts
Raydonia Apts.png
Raydonia Apts
Rodian Apts.png
Rodian Apts
Rugosa Apts.png
Rugosa Apts
Ryloth Apts.png
Ryloth Apts
Saleucami Apts.png
Saleucami Apts
Serenno Apts.png
Serenno Apts
Snivvian Apts.png
Snivvian Apts
Talz Apts.png
Talz Apts
Tatooine Apts.png
Tatooine Apts
Teth Apts.png
Teth Apts
Togruta Apts.png
Togruta Apts
Twilek Apts.png
Twilek Apts
Ugnaught Apts.png
Ugnaught Apts
Utapau Apts.png
Utapau Apts
Wookie Arms.png
Wookie Arms
Yavin Apts.png
Yavin Apts
Zanbar Apts.png
Zanbar Apts
Zygerria Apts.png
Zygerria Apts

Food Levels Bantha BurgerBongo SandwichesDewback RibsDex's DinerEwok SweetsGeonosian GrubHuttza ParlorIthorian FoodMelahnese FoodMon Cala SeafoodMos Espa CafeNeimoidian FoodScoop Of HothStar SmoothiesThe Cantina
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