Imperial Levels

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The Interrogation room
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Imperial levels are special levels that will be needed to defeat the rebel alliance.

The Imperial floor type is denoted by orange text.

All Imperial assembly levels have a choice of two items to build, each costing a specific number of credits to start building, and taking a specific amount of time to complete. Supply Officers complete the assembly of an item immediately when delivered to an Imperial level. Originally a Supply Officer was required to start building an imperial item, cost 1000 credits to summon, or would randomly appear, and each level built a single item.

There are three special Imperial levels. The Cargo Bay, Salvage Droids, and Assignments levels. The Cargo Bay stores non-monetary rewards gathered by Salvage Droids or earned by completing Imperial assignments. The Salvage Droids launches droids in search of salvage and other rare rewards. The Assignments level tracks up to three current Imperial Assignments.


Blast Doors

Blast Doors.png
Further information: Blast Doors
Item Stocking Time Cost
Security Systems.png Security Systems 15 minutes 190 credits
Improved Alloy.png Improved Alloy 35 minutes 465 credits

Blaster Repair

Blaster Repair.png
Further information: Blaster Repair
Item Stocking Time Cost
Barrel Replacement.png Barrel Replacement 110 minutes 2,545 credits
Blaster Scope.png Blaster Scope 130 minutes 3,330 credits


Further information: Communications
Item Stocking Time Cost
Comlink.png Comlink 65 minutes 1,120 credits
Imperial Scout.png Imperial Scout 85 minutes 1,695 credits

Detention Level

Detention Level.png
Further information: Detention Level
Item Stocking Time Cost
Internal Forcefield.png Internal Forcefield 65 minutes 1,120 credits
Blaster Pistol.png Blaster Pistol 85 minutes 1,695 credits

Droid Lab

Droid Lab.png
Further information: Droid Lab
Item Stocking Time Cost
Battle Droid.png Battle Droid 80 minutes 1,540 credits
Research Droid.png Research Droid 100 minutes 2,190 credits

Droid Works

Droid Works.png
Further information: Droid Works
Item Stocking Time Cost
Repair Droid.png Repair Droid 80 minutes 1,540 credits
Medical Droid.png Medical Droid 100 minutes 2,190 credits

Emperor's Chamber

Emperor's Chamber.png
Further information: Emperor's Chamber
Item Stocking Time Cost
Imperial Edict.png Imperial Edict 85 minutes 1,695 credits
Sith Spy.png Sith Spy 105 minutes 2,365 credits

Extending Bridge

Extending Bridge.png
Further information: Extending Bridge
Item Stocking Time Cost
Control Panel.png Control Panel 55 minutes 875 credits
Security Force.png Security Force 75 minutes 1,395 credits

Forcefield Gen

Forcefield Gen.png
Further information: Forcefield Gen
Item Stocking Time Cost
Shield Projector.png Shield Projector 90 minutes 1,855 credits
Heavy Shield.png Heavy Shield 110 minutes 2,545 credits

Imperial Meeting

Imperial Meeting.png
Further information: Imperial Meeting
Item Stocking Time Cost
Battle Plan.png Battle Plan 65 minutes 1,120 credits
Assault Trooper.png Assault Trooper 85 minutes 1,695 credits


Further information: Interrogation
Item Stocking Time Cost
Recon Droid.png Recon Droid 10 minutes 145 credits
Armor Upgrade.png Armor Upgrade 30 minutes 385 credits

Life Support

Life Support.png
Further information: Life Support
Item Stocking Time Cost
Air Scrubber.png Air Scrubber 95 minutes 2,020 credits
Water Reserve.png Water Reserve 115 minutes 2,735 credits

Map Room

Map Room.png
Further information: Map Room
Item Stocking Time Cost
System Scan.png System Scan 35 minutes 465 credits
Probe Droid.png Probe Droid 55 minutes 875 credits

Officer's Lounge

Officer's Lounge.png
Further information: Officer's Lounge
Item Stocking Time Cost
Inspections.png Inspections 80 minutes 1,540 credits
Imperial Gunners.png Imperial Gunners 100 minutes 2,190 credits


Further information: Overbridge
Item Stocking Time Cost
Duty Console.png Duty Console 115 minutes 2,735 credits
 ?  ?  ?  ?

Shuttle Bay

Shuttle Bay.png
Further information: Shuttle Bay
Item Stocking Time Cost
Diplomatic Envoy.png Diplomatic Envoy 30 minutes 385 credits
Life Support System.png Life Support System 50 minutes 760 credits

Sith Meditation

Sith Meditation.png
Further information: Sith Meditation
Item Stocking Time Cost
Sith Droid.png Sith Droid 90 minutes 1,855 credits
Sith Warrior.png Sith Warrior 110 minutes 2,545 credits

Superlaser Ray

Superlaser Ray.png
Further information: Superlaser Ray
Item Stocking Time Cost
Cooling Coil.png Cooling Coil 90 minutes 1,855 credits
Blaster Rifle.png Blaster Rifle 110 minutes 2,545 credits

Tractor Beam

Tractor Beam.png
Further information: Tractor Beam
Item Stocking Time Cost
Power Coupling.png Power Coupling 35 minutes 465 credits
Hull Armor.png Hull Armor 55 minutes 875 credits

Trooper Barracks

Trooper Barracks.png
Further information: Trooper Barracks
Item Stocking Time Cost
Plastoid Armor.png Plastoid Armor 100 minutes 2,190 credits
Plastoid Rounds.png Plastoid Rounds 120 minutes 2,925 credits


Further information: Turbolaser
Item Stocking Time Cost
Capacitor Bank.png Capacitor Bank 55 minutes 875 credits
Heavy Turret.png Heavy Turret 75 minutes 1,395 credits

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