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Events are limited time add-ons to the game.

[edit] List of Events

This was the 2013 Holiday celebration. Randomly appearing Decorator Droid VIPs would allow you to add colourful holiday lights to each level. Top rewards were the Boba Fett (Holiday Special) Bitizen and the Panna City Medicines level.

This one-week event introduced the revised Assignments system, offering rewards for completing jobs on the Imperial Levels. Top rewards were the Bitizen R2-Q5, R4-I9 and R5-J2, and the Imperial Marches level.

With the introduction of the Salvage Droid, a large number of new characters and 5 new levels have been offered as random prizes. While the initial communication indicated a 72 hour timeframe, the Salvage Droids level appears to be a permanent addition to the game.

Decorate the Death Star with red Imperial Banners to help sway the minds of all Bitizens to the Imperial cause. Rewards include costumes, Grand Moff Tarkin, and the Overbridge