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Elevators, also known as Lifts, are used to transport Bitizens, and help provide income. Each Bitizen who uses your Elevator will give a tip of either Imperial Bux, or whatever the desired level's number is in coins (which can be multiplied by using faster Elevators).

The elevator is used to shuttle VIPs and normal Bitizens alike to various floors, granting the player bonuses for their attention and patience.

To use the elevator, touch the elevator controls to move the elevator up or down. If a specific floor is requested, the door of the desired floor will be highlighted in blue, making it easier to find (especially with a faster elevator.)


[edit] Delivering Bitizens

Escorting a normal Bitizen to a floor will give you a number of Coins based on the floor number that they want to go to, multiplied by the elevator's tip amount.

Commercial floors:

  • If a floor in in the process of stocking, it will take 1 minute off of the stocking time.
  • Otherwise the Bitizen will buy one of the available items.

Residential floors:

  • If the floor has an open apartment, the bitizen will move in.

Construction Floors:

  • If a floor is under construction, it will take 1 minute off of the construction time.

[edit] Special Guests

Special Guests show up with a ? instead of a requested floor number. These can be delivered to any floor. Doing so will earn twice as many Coins as a regular Bitizen. (floor level x elevator tip x 2)

  • Special Guests cannot move into open apartments.
  • Like normal Bitizens, they will reduce construction/stocking time by 1 minute.
  • Special Guests will unlock/trigger Scenes on particular levels.

[edit] Upgrading Elevators

The elevator can be upgraded multiple times to increase its speed, something that becomes very valuable with an increasingly tall tower. The faster the elevator, the more Bitizens escorted per minute, which means more cash and more chances to find a VIP waiting in the lobby. Speed is measured in PPM, or Passengers Per Minute.

Each upgrade is subsequent, and cannot be seen until all preceding upgrades have been purchased.

[edit] Starting Elevator

[edit] NB200 Commercial Lift

[edit] Insta-Lift 2000 SE

[edit] Ultra-Lift 3000 Extreme

[edit] Infini-lift Lightspeed

Starting Elevator.png NB200 Commercial Lift.png Insta-Lift 2000 SE.png Ulta-Lift 3000 Extreme.png Infini-lift Lightspeed.png
  • Cost: (0 Bux)
  • Speed: 4 PPM
  • Tip Amount: x1
  • Cost: (25 Bux)
  • Speed: 6 PPM
  • Tip Amount: x2
  • Cost: (75 Bux)
  • Speed: 10 PPM
  • Tip Amount: x3
  • Cost: (125 Bux)
  • Speed: 14 PPM
  • Tip Amount: x4
  • Cost: (499 Bux)
  • Speed: 20 PPM
  • Tip Amount: x5