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This is a (possibly quarterly) event where a special Decorator Droid shows up in the elevator at random. Each droid will put a set of decorations up on one level of any type, with rewards if the player decorates enough levels by the end of the campaign.

Under heavy play the droids could show up as often as once every hour, but usually appear less frequently.


[edit] Holiday 2013

Starting with the release of version 1.2, this campaign ran Dec 12, 2013 through Jan 5, 2014 (24 days' time).

The newly introduced Decorator Droid was the Imperial Probe Droid. This VIP would decorate a level with multi-coloured Christmas lights. The campaign offered up the first Decorator Droid for free. More droids could be purchased for 4 Bux each.

The lights were removed from the levels Jan 12, 2014.

[edit] Rewards

  1. 10 levels decorated earned 5,000 credits
  2. 20 levels decorated earned Boba Fett (Holiday Special)
  3. 35 levels decorated earned the Panna City Medicines level
  4. Each additional level decorated earned 1 Imperial Bux

[edit] Spring 2014

The spring campaign ran March 21 - 30, 2014 (10 days' time), as a part of version 1.4.

In this iteration the Decorator Droid was R2-Q5 -- an existing Bitizen. Much like other VIPs, this meant the droid could show up as either a decorator or a Special Guest. The droid would decorate levels with red banners displaying the Imperial logo. Again, the first decorator droid was offered for free. More droids could be purchased for 5 Bux each.

The banners were removed from the levels Mar 31, 2014.

[edit] Rewards

  1. 10 total levels decorated earned 10x of an Imperial Troop Costume.
  2. 30 total levels decorated earned Grand Moff Tarkin
  3. 60 total levels decorated earned the Overbridge level
  4. Each additional level decorated earned 1 Imperial Bux

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